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Small Business Loans

Working Capital Loans

Interest Rates at 6.25%

Small Business Loans

  Loan Amounts up to $5,000,000

Business Loan Types We Provide:

SBA Loans, Commercial Real Estate Finance

Working Capital Loans, Commercial Equipment Finance

Only Existing Businesses Qualify

Loan Terms From 1 Year - 10 Years

Weekly and Monthly Payment Options

Small Business Loan Requirements

500 Credit Score or Above

Minimum 6 Months in Business

$100K+ in Annual Sales 


Smart, Fast and Easy 

Small Business Loans

Halo Business Finance Provides a Fast & Easy Process for all Types of Small Business Loans. We Offer Same Day Business Loan Approvals and Next Day Wired Funds to your Account.

Same Day Loan Approval

Accept Loan Terms Online

Next Day Wired Funds


Interest Rates at 5.25%

Halo Business Finance Provides Commercial Equipment Finance

Halo business finance offers financing for new and used commercial equipment or vehicle, as long as it is running and in fair condition. We also give small business owners the option to buy or lease their commercial equipment. Commercial equipment loans up to $1,000,000 in financing, with 3-7 year loan terms and interest rates at 5%. Why use your cash when you can finance your equipment and write off of the loan in your tax write offs and save money. Click below or give us a call today to learn more about our commercial equipment financing options.

SBA Working Capital Loan

  Interest Rates at 6.25%  

Smart, Fast & Easy SBA Working Capital Loan

We offer a smarter option for entrepreneurs than your traditional SBA bank loan. Get access to working capital in as fast as 7 business days with no hassle. Halo business finance has streamlined the process for borrowers and SBA making it a easy process for small business owners in obtaining a SBA working capital loan. Halo has a 10 year SBA business loan with up to $350,000 in working capital and no prepayment penalty. You can use the money in several different ways. Whether you are refinancing a high interest debt, remodeling or expanding a business location, SBA allows a variety of ways to use the proceeds of a small business loan as long as you are using the money on your business. 

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